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Why doesn't my password work?

The most common reason why your username and password doesn't work is because it was entered incorrectly.

(*) Have you lost your password? Please go here to learn about ways to retrieve your password.

(*) The easiest way to make 100% sure you are entering your username and password correctly when accessing the site is using "COPY & PASTE". If you are unfamiliar with how to use copy & paste please consult our guided tutorial here.

(*) Make sure that your account is still active and has not expired. You can ensure this by contacting us providing as much information as possible so we can check if your account is still active.

If you've entered your login correctly and you get kicked back to the login page or get funny broken images, try the following:

(1) Turn on COOKIES and disable any proxies.

(2) Turn off any Parental Control software and/or Parental Controls in your browser if you have them enabled.

(3) Clear your Cache: In Internet Explorer: Go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Temporary Internet Files. Click the button to delete all temporary internet files. Make sure the box is checked to delete all offline content as well. Click the "OK" button, then wait for this operation to finish. This can take several minutes.