F.A.Q. & Help Using Our Sites

What payment methods can I join with?

Joining our websites is very easy. While navigating the free tour you will find some links that say "Join", "Access", "Download" or "Enter". Clicking any of these links will take you to the join page.

We currently offer several join options.

(1) Pay By Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover)

To join by credit card, enter your information on the join page (
be 100% sure that your email is entered correctly and that your inbox isn't full!). Select the price package of your choosing and click activate. You will be taken to the billing company's transaction page where you will be prompted to enter your remaining information and credit card details. This is an EXTREMELY SECURE transaction and there are no chances to illegally access your information. If your card is approved, you will see a screen with your login and transaction information. WRITE DOWN THIS INFO! You'll also receive an email record of your transaction. If your card is declined then you can try our secondary biller. If you have any problems along the join process please contact us.

(2) Pay By Check (US bank account)

US customers have the option to pay directly from their bank account. The process is similar to the credit card one described above.

(3) Pay By Phone (US one-time 1-900 call)

This feature enables you to call a 1-900 number from the US and your phone bill will be DISCREETLY billed ONE TIME.

Pay By Mail Order

You can sign up by snail mail. The link is located on our join pages.

If you are experiencing trouble joining or would like to make a suggestion, please contact us.