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What Movie Format should I choose?

We have several different quality levels for members to choose from. Each satisfies different tastes and needs.

640 WMV/MPG is ideal for cable/DSL/T1 users. This is the highest WMV/MPEG quality available @ 640x480 resolution and a very good full screen quality.

448 and 352 MPG is an older format that is ideal for slower broadband access or people that want to get the video very fast. This has the standard 448x352 or 352x320 size and good full screen quality. This is a great compromise between download speed and video quality but was replaced by the 640 format.

320 WMV is ideal for dialup or 56K members. This will download relatively faster than the other versions. The screensize is the smallest out of all our formats and the quality is lower than the other options in order to provide for quick downloading for lowband connections.