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How can I save an image to my hard drive?

Click with your left mouse button on the thumbnail image to see the full size image. Wait until the larger image fully displays itself.

After the picture has been displayed place your mouse on top of the image.

Right click(click on the right mouse button).

A menu will appear. Drag down to "save image as...". Save the image into a directory on your hard drive. Remember the directory so you will know where to find the image files later.

Internet Explorer may try to save the image as a BMP file. This is a known Windows bug. The workaround is to clear your Internet Explorer browser cache and then visit the image again, then trying to Save it.

To clear your internet explorer cache: Go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Temporary Internet Files. Click the button to "delete all temporary internet files". Make sure the box is checked to delete all offline content. Click the "OK" button, then wait for this operation to finish. This can take several minutes. Close all browser windows, open a new one and try to log in again.