F.A.Q. & Help Using Our Sites

How can I watch & stream movies?

In order to stream or watch the movies "online" without having to save them to your hard drive, you must do the following:

On the page where the movies are located there are 2 or 3 formats for each movie. Choose the one that best suits your connection or format. Click on one of these and your player should automatically open and begin streaming the movie.

For FLASH streaming: just click on the icon that says PLAY FULL FLASH MOVIE. This will open a new window with a flash player in it for you to stream.

Important notes:

* If the movie stops playing or reports an error, press the pause button and wait 2-3 minutes after which you can press play again

* If the movie still does not play, try the 320 WMV format.

* If it doesn't work with the 320 WMV format, it means that your connection is too slow to stream and you'd better download the movie to your hard drive instead.

* Netscape and Macintosh might have issues with the Windows Media streaming. We suggest you try Internet Explorer to stream the videos.

* Please make sure you have the latest Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer. Software firewalls such as Norton Firewall are known to tamper with the way streaming video works - If you have a problem, temporarily take down your firewall and see if that helps. If this still doesn't work, please download the video instead.